Breaking Down BPD

Yoyo emotions & convoluted thoughts

The emotional shifts of people with BPD can be as unpredictable as earthquakes, that is why they are called yoyo emotions. They can also be just as shaky and attention grabbing. After people with BPD unleash their emotions, they usually don’t have the ability to regain steady ground.
The rapidly shifting emotional ground of people with BPD causes the people around them to walk warily. In the same day, or even the same hour, people with BPD can demonstrate serenity, rage, despair, and euphoria.

We will see these emotions in much more details further on in other posts. 

yoyo emotions and convoluted thoughts

People with BPD also think differently than most people do. They tend to see situations and people in all-or-nothing, black-and-white terms with few shades of gray. As a result, they consider events to be either wonderful or awful, people in their lives to be either angels or devils, and their life status to be either elevated or hopeless.

yoyo emotions and convoluted thoughts

Sometimes the thoughts of people with BPD travel even closer to the edge of reality. For instance, they may start thinking that other people are plotting against them. They may also distort reality to such a degree that they may seem briefly incoherent or psychotic. They sometimes feel so out of tune with reality that they perceive their bodies as being separate from themselves. 

We will talk about these experiences in future posts as well. 

Post made thanks to Montse M. 

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