What is Depression?


What is Depression?

Depression is a mental disease or disorder that is characterized by a deep sadness, psychic decay, loss of general interest in life, and a decrease of the psychic functions of the individual.

Main causes

This disease or disorder may be caused by a number of factors differentiated between:

  1. GENETIC FACTORS: these are given by genetic family history, so if a close family member has suffered from depression, there is a probability of between 25-30% of suffering from it.
  2. PHYSIOLOGICAL FACTORS: the emergence of physiological factors is associated with the decrease in levels of serotonin, as well as diseases that may be closely linked. Most of these related to endocrine disruption.  Some examples may be migraine, diabetes or hypothyroidism, among others.
  3. PERSONAL FACTORS: there is a higher percentage in women than in men. In addition, these factors may differ in the ages between 35-45 years. It is also appropriate to keep in mind that due to the hormonal changes, the risk of appearing in stages such as pregnancy or post-partum is higher.
  4. ENVIRONMENT FACTORS: It can also appear due to the negative factors that are affecting the subject, like stress or anxiety in personal areas.  They can also affect a subject in situations of alcohol, drugs or tobacco dependence, as well as little or no interpersonal relations.

The importance of spotting depression

Depression is a disease that often can be difficult to identify, and that on many occasions it is ignored or denied. However, it has been increasingly detected in patients of younger ages.

This disease can be treated, although those patient that suffer from it are generally not aware of that. It is their relatives and/or medical assistance the ones with a bigger role when it comes to spotting this disease. For that, they have to observe different clear symptoms during a period of time for at least more than two weeks in a row. 

These symptoms are: sadness, changes in appetite, changes in the sleep schedule, energy decay, loss in the interest that used to be important, and in the most severe cases, suicidal thoughts. 

Therefore, it is important to see a physician when depression appears, or it is believed that it may appear.

Post made possible thanks to Montse M. and Noelia S. 

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