Tips to Survive Thanksgiving

This video will give you some tips on how to survive any family gathering.

We are close to Thanksgiving, so I think it is the right moment to publish a post like this.

Being surrounded by family can be amazing, but it can also be very very exhausting.

My family, for example, is quite large. I don’t get to see all of them all the time, so I LOVE meeting with them on special occasions (granted I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, because I am not form the USA) but we DO meet for Christmas.

As I was saying, since we are a lot of people, I love meeting with all of them and catching up on their lives and whatnot. But that can be fun for a couple hours, maybe while we are eating, or watching a movie, or even exchanging presents.

But you know how these festivities go. Most of them drink a lot of alcohol, I don’t because I am not a huge fan of it, but my family do. So… what happens when, let’s say, about 20 people around you are drunk, they don’t understand each other, the music is loud and all of them are yelling at the same time?

My head explodes. I go to a different room, if I can and if there is any that it is not occupied at the moment, and I hide there with my phone. Is it the best option? Obviously not.

But if I am in a different city or village and I don’t have any way back home but waiting for my parents to go back… what else am I going to do?

So here are my few tips that I can provide you all for this upcoming Thanks Giving.
  1. Don’t go if you don’t like your family. There is no point on spending a day where you are supposed to be thankful for your life with people that don’t even appreciate you or you don’t even like.
  2. You don’t have to eat everything that is there. I know that there is always a lot of food. More than you can even eat in a whole week. You don’t have to eat a bit of everything. If they get offended because you didn’t try something, it is their problem, not yours.
  3. This third point is something that happens in ALL of the families around the world. They will ALWAYS comment on your weight, after or before asking you if you are not going to eat anything else. Like, can you please make a bit of sense?
  4. And finally, if you can, unlike me, you can leave at any time. You don’t have any obligation of staying there until everyone else leaves. You can do whatever you want.


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