Tips to Survive Thanksgiving

This video will give you some tips on how to survive any family gathering. We are close to Thanksgiving, so I think it is the right moment to publish a post like this. Being surrounded by family can be amazing,… Read moreTips to Survive Thanksgiving

Herbal Remedies to Relieve Anxiety

In today’s post, we are going to discuss different Herbal Remedies to Relieve Anxiety. Herbal remedies have been used for centuries by many different cultures to treat anxiety and other emotional difficulties. Each person is different, so every single herbal… Read moreHerbal Remedies to Relieve Anxiety

Mindfulness and Acceptance-Based Strategies

This post will be about Mindfulness and Acceptance/Based Strategies.  Is not so much a technique as a way to react to anxious thoughts, worries, or unpleasant emotions.  There are lots of different techniques for achieving a state of mindfulness and… Read moreMindfulness and Acceptance-Based Strategies

Fidget Cube: Anxiety Relief

Hello everyone! So today’s posts will be about the use of a Fidget Cube for Anxiety Relief. The fidget Cube (or ball) is comppletely different to the Fidget Spiner, and it looks like this:  Flipping paper clips, clicking pens or… Read moreFidget Cube: Anxiety Relief

Setting Goals to Relieve Anxiety

In this post, we are going to be talking about Setting Goals to Relieve Anxiety and OCD. An important strategy for keeping your treatment on track is to set goals. Setting goals will help you select treatment methods and make… Read moreSetting Goals to Relieve Anxiety

Common Anxious Thoughts

In today’s posts, we are going to be talking about Common Anxious Thoughts that come from various anxiety problems. These are some examples, but there are so many others out there. When a person is suffering from Panic disorders and… Read moreCommon Anxious Thoughts

Overview of Effective Treatments

        Here you will find a quick Overview of Effective Treatments to overcome (or get under control) your Anxiety and Anxiety Disorder. Medication and Biological Treatments Two major classes of medications have been found to be effective… Read moreOverview of Effective Treatments

Causes of Anxiety and Anxiety Disorder

The causes of Anxiety and Anxiety Disorders can be very different for each of the people who develop an anxiety problem and what kind of problem they develop. They do not spring just from one cause; there are many different… Read moreCauses of Anxiety and Anxiety Disorder

Other Anxiety-Related Problems

There are a number of Other Anxiety-Related Problems that have anxiety and fear as a core feature. Hypochondriasis (Health Anxiety) Hypochondriasis is a problem in which people are overly concerned about the possibility of having a serious disease, based on… Read moreOther Anxiety-Related Problems