Best New Year Resolutions 2019

The New Year is slowly nearing, and with the holiday season already upon us many people are indulging in retrospection and reevaluating some of their life choices. 

New Year’s resolutions are the perfect opportunity for all those who have failed to start making the changes that they said they would make next week, next month, or perhaps when winter starts.

Well, now’s your chance to sit down and prepare a list of important lifestyle changes you want to make.

This is a list of the Best New Year’s Resolutions for this upcoming 2019. 


1.- Get in Shape. All of us have said at some point or another that we want to lose weight or that we want to gain muscle. It can also mean that you want to start eating healthier or less. If you are a follower of this blog, you might have noticed that there is a 5-Day Detox Challenge that you can join at any given time. 


2.- Stop procrastinating. The biggest barrier that keeps most people from reaching their goals is the desire to relax and do something fun instead of working hard. Or the overwhelming anxiety, depression, or OCD that keeps us from getting out of bed. 


3.- Become more confident. Being confident might be an easy task for a lot of people that don’t struggle with daily anxiety or depression. If you are confident, people hear you, they see you, they aknowledge you. 


4.- Reduce stress, anxiety, depression, OCD, etc. If you are in this blog, it means that you already made a step in the right direction. CONGRATULATIONS! 


5.- Learn to be happier with your life. Even those that are in decent shape, make a good living and have stress under control can still be unhappy. It takes time and patience to learn how to find joy in the little things and not to let problems bring you down. 


6.- Stop smoking or drinking. This is one of the most typical ones. But one of the hardest ones as well. We all know that drinking and smoking is not healthy. Nevertheless, trying to withdraw from drinking or smoking can make the anxiety or depression get worse. 

7.- Read more. I personally love reading so I don’t really make this my first resolution since I know I will end up reading tons of books. 

8.- Learn or find a new hobbie. Learn to draw, sing, dance, play chess, etc. 

9.- Learn a new language. You know which language I am learning this year? French! 

10.- Adopt a new pet.There are tons of animal lovers out there that would be great at caring for a pet, but they often overthink things, while some people just rush out and get a pet without understanding the responsibility involved. Be sure you know what you are in for andfind a pet that fits your living conditionsand lifestyle.


11.- Travel more and see the world. Get your finances in order and book a plane ticket. Go with your family, friends, or by yourself. There is a huge world out there with magical places that are waiting for you. 


12.- Learn to cook. I love cooking. This was one of my resolutions many years ago, and I don’t regret it. I love surprising my husband with delicious meals every day. 

13.- Face your fears or insecurities. You will find this particular point masked beneath other New Year’s resolutions, but fearand insecurityare often the cause of several problems that we want to address. You need to think of it as surviving and controlling your fear rather than overcoming it, and it will enable you to shed off a lot of the insecurities that you have.


14.- Start writing a book or a journal. Several years ago I started writing a book. I published it two years ago. I love writing, and it is somethign that I will do for the rest of my days. 


15.- Stick to the good healthy habits that you have developed. You will need to work on sticking with the good habitsyou have adopted, until they just become a natural part of who you are. That is how you achieve true self-improvement.

What is your list of resolutions for this year? 

Post made possible thanks to Montse M. 

34 thoughts on “Best New Year Resolutions 2019

  1. So many of these are on my list, including getting in shape, reducing stress, learning to be happier, and traveling more! These are all really awesome resolutions to work towards this year!

  2. You actually have my resolution on here! I feel like I am in a good place and want to just stick with the healthy habits and routines I have developed.

  3. These resolution ideas are awesome!! Reading and learning a new language are definitely on my list of things to do this year.

    1. Resting is a good thing to do. You DO need some time to rest. But too much is called procrastinating.

  4. Instead of creating resolutions, I came up with my word for the year, Joy. My intention is to have all of my intentions for the year revolve around joyfulness.

  5. This is a great list of positive lifestyle changes that one can make. I personally have opted out of new years resolutions in favor of one goal and smaller more manageable goals to achieve that larger goal. Thanks for sharing this list!

    1. That is one of the secrets in life. Get your bigger goal and separate them into small ones so you can actually get to the bigger one without difficulties. Good job!

  6. This year, besides the obvious lose weight resolution, I’ve also resolved to be happier and more inviting to opportunities to be happy! I’m also trying to kick the smoking habit for good! I came from smoking nearly a pack a day in college to smoking a total of 4 cigarettes last year entirely. This year, I will kick it for good!

    1. Being happy should be our primary GOAL in life. No mater what. If you lose weight, make sure it is because it will make you happy. If you quit smoking, same thing. If you want to eat all that CHOCOLATE make sure you will be happy about it. ^^

  7. This is a pretty good list! You’ve got in the list the things that I’m trying my best to accomplish this year.

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