Breaking Down BPD

Reckless Responses

In today’s posts, we are going to talk about how BPD can cause some reckless responses to different situations.

Human brains have built-in braking systems, which, in theory, are a lot like the ones that five-ton trucks use to slow down as they roll downhill. These brake systems come in handy when the trucks drive down steep mountains, or, in terms of the human brain, when the intensity of emotions flares up in certain situations. Unfortunately, most people with BPD have brake systems that are adequate for golf carts — not five-ton trucks — which are hardly enough to handle the weighty emotions that often accompany BPD.

Brain brakes, as we like to call them, keep people from acting without first thinking about the consequences of their actions. Like rolling dice in a game of craps, behaving impulsively rarely results in winning in the long run.

Common impulsive behaviors in people with BPD include the following:

✓ Impulsive spending 

✓ Gambling

✓ Unsafe sex

✓ Reckless (but not wreckless) driving

✓ Excessive eating binges

✓ Alcohol or drug abuse

✓ Self-mutilation

✓ Suicidal behavior

If you ever feel suicidal, please reach out someone who you trust. 

If there is no one who can help you at the moment, dial the emergency phone number: 911 (USA) 112 (Europe).

You can also contact us and we will try to help you. 

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