How to Set Up your Workplace – Office

As most of you know, I am a Work from Home Wife, meaning I do not go to any specific place to get my work done, I do it in the office in my house. For that, I need to set up my workplace.

There are pros and cons to this situation.


  • You don’t have to wake up earlier and rush to your workplace.
  • Not dealing with annoying co-workers.
  • You have (more or less) your own schedule.


  • You can get distracted very easily.
  • Feeling “at home” (because it is your house) and then you procrastinate.
  • House chores

It is true that there are some distractions that can’t be avoided, like making lunch or dinner. If the phone rings or someone knocks on your door. But there are other distractions that we can avoid.

  • TV off or softly (there are some people that need some kind of sound in the background).
  • Music off or softly (for the same reason as before).
  • Social Media away! (it is true that some people, like me, have to work on Social Media every so often for the publishing and marketing steps of our products, but let’s not use it for casual chats if we are on our working hours).
  • Try to have a source of natural light (if possible).
  • A plant (why? it is relaxing and the pure oxygen keeps your brain stimulated).
  • Art, for inspirational purposes.
  • Keep a bottle of water next to you.
  • A bookshelf near you (it is inspiring, isn’t it?).

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