How To Publish A Book

Let’s learn How To Publish A Book successfully

Indie Authorship and Self-Publication

A good way to get your book out on the market is via self-publication. This guarantees that you have full control of your book— how it is distributed, how it looks, where you publish it, how you market it, etc.

An indie author is a person who self-publicizes their book via either a small independently owned publishing company or a third-party’s ISBN.

Self-Publication can be scary if you do not have a very concrete plan and marketing idea (which we will assess in the next section.)

It also means that you are on your own on this journey (or with your co-author), but that doesn’t mean that you are aiming to fail.

You are going to write the book, you are going to publish it, and you are going to market it to make the best of it.

I started with and currently use Amazon Direct Publishing. Using either site, you can submit your work as an e-book, with the option to print paperback editions at the price of receiving a slightly lower payout from your sales due to printing fees. With Kindle Direct Publishing, you can make up to 70% of the royalties for each copy you sell.

NOTE: It is better if you submit your document as a PDF so the formatting of your book remains consistent across all mediums.

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