How To Market A Book

We are going to learn How To Market A Book successfully.

Launch Team

Marketing your book before, during and after its publication is very important.

You want your book to be published, yes, but your main goal is for people to buy it and read it, right?

For that, I learned the other day that a very successful way to market your book is having your very own launch team.

What is a launch team? A launch team is a group of people (friends, family, followers, etc.) that will be the first ones reading your book.

They will read the whole book, and once it is published, they will write a review of it on day one. It is like a support team.

Why is it important that they review it on day one?

Because once it is out, people will see the reviews on it and they will be more likely to buy it.

What do they get in exchange for helping you out? For starters, they get the satisfaction of helping a friend or relative out. They are helping to create something meaningful. Obviously, they will also get a free copy of the book and in some cases; they will get their names in the book. (Do you know those people appearing at the end of the book? You guessed it! That’s the launch team.)

It also helps the Amazon algorithm to have social proof and ongoing reviews.

Social Media

Nowadays it is very important to be active in social media.

Close to release, most of you are probably reading this book because it was posted on my Facebook group “No Broken Crowns |Work at Home Tips.”

You may have also found it from my other shameless plug personal blog:

It is good to have a Twitter as well, although I am not a huge fan of it.

Instagram will be helpful depending on your type of book, or even if you have an extended web of followers already that want to know more about your life.


Having a blog is very helpful. Some people don’t even care about social media but read blogs just for fun, and that is how you get to them.


In my opinion, that is the God of All Social Media.

Do you want traffic and buyers? You need a Pinterest account.

How does it work? You sign up, change your personal account into a business account and start re-pinning other’s people images. That’s just what you do at the beginning to start getting followers and visitors.

Then all you have to do is create your own unique pins that will redirect your viewers to the right Facebook Page, Blog, Amazon page, etc. Where they will see your work.

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