Giving and Receiving

giving and receiving


Do you like: “Giving and Receiving”?

Hello everyone!

So today’s post is about giving and received in return.

What do I mean by this? 

I mean that one of my steps is also to be able to give more without being afraid of losing so much on the way. Sounds… weird. Let me explain it better.

In another post that I will be writing for next week, I will be talking about how society thinks that the boy has to be the one to make the girl fall in love. Like we have it all super easy. We can choose, but they have to fight to get the girl that they want.


I actually like doing surprises, gifts, and stuff for my husband. I love seeing him smiling when he receives the gifts. (…even though sometimes I fail miserably…)

This time I got a bigger surprise for him, and he is probably discovering it right now.

I am aware I made him suffer all day… he thought I was ignoring him, but that wasn’t the case.

He can’t imagine what is about to happen. 

We have been apart since September of last year. It is a lot of time. Trust me, the first month feels awful, then you get used to it for another month, and then on the third one, you are ready to kill yourself. To do anything that is in your hands to see that special person once again.

So I basically want to make it up to him for being separated for so long. Part of it was “my fault.” You know, flights aren’t a cheap thing to purchase when you are traveling long distances.

I mainly bought this flight ticket to go see him. 

He knows I am going there to see him… but I might have told him the wrong day. He expects me there on the 17th, not today… oops!

I talked to his best friend to keep him busy all day, so he wouldn’t message me and suspect what is going on (… I guess I achieved the “not suspecting” part. But… he messaged me and thought I was avoiding him, my poor darling). He thinks I had a family lunch (and as I discovered, that my phone broke as well). Though the more similar thing to a “family lunch” that I had today is… cheesecake at the airport.

I planned everything with his mom as well. 

At this exact moment, I am in the car with his mom approaching his apartment.

I am ready to give him the best surprise of his life. 


Post made possible thanks to Montse M.

6 thoughts on “Giving and Receiving

  1. I believe that we are meant to give to others. We won’t bring much value to the world’s or ourselves, if we only take take take. When we give out to the world whether good or bad, it always come back to us. The law is that we real what we sow. With relationships it’s the same way.

  2. I love your vulnerability! When reading your post I was reminded how my husband doesn’t like getting gifts. I recently said to him that getting gifts isn’t all about him- it is also about the gift giver wanting to GIVE. Giving helps the spirit and brings connection!

  3. Giving our time is an incredibly valuable gift. Thanks for sharing your surprise, I hope your trip goes well! Long distance relationships are very tough.

  4. What a wonderful perspective. I love to give but have a really hard time receiving. It makes me feel awkward and I don’t like it at all. I never thought about the fact that I was taking away from those that wanted to give. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Especially this time of year, this is so great to read. I would much rather give a thoughtful gift than just buy something for the sake of buying something – drives me crazy! I am not a great gift RECEIVER on the other hand (I always feel so uncomfortable!) Haha!

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