Exploring Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

Exploring Borderline Personality Disorder

A charming, exciting, intimate, intelligent, fun person suddenly turns mean, sluggish, angry, self-defeating, and dismal — a radical change in an instant for no obvious reason. What causes the unpredictable ups and downs from fear to rage, intimate intensity to distance, and drama to downfall that some people experience on a daily basis?

Borderline personality disorder (BPD), the most common and debilitating of all the  personality disorders, causes chaos and anguish for both the people who suffer from the disorder and those who care about them.

This section of the blog takes you inside the world of BPD and shows you what living with this disorder is really like. Unlike some books and articles about BPD, we strive to maintain a compassionate, kind perspective of those people who are afflicted with BPD. You may be reading this blog because you know or suspect you have BPD or some of its major symptoms. If so, expect to find a wealth of information about BPD, its causes, and some effective treatments.

Perhaps you’re a reader who cares about or loves someone who has BPD. By reading this section, you can discover why people with BPD do what they do as well as see how you can better relate to them. Finally, even if you’re not in a close relationship with someone with BPD, you no doubt have a co-worker, neighbor, supervisor, or acquaintance who suffers from BPD, or at the very least, a few of its prominent symptoms. Even superficial relationships with people who have BPD can pose surprising challenges. This post can help you better understand what’s going on and how to deal with the problems BPD creates for you.

If you’re a therapist, you can use this information to expand your understanding of BPD. You can see how to deal with difficult therapeutic issues. You can also figure out how to set better boundaries while you  imultaneously take care of both yourself and your clients.

We will describe the basics of BPD in terms of how the disorder affects both the people who have it and the people who have relationships with them. We present what’s known about the causes of BPD. We also tally up the costs of BPD for both the people who have it and the society they live in. Finally, we overview the major treatment options for BPD and show those of you who care about someone with BPD what you can do to help.

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