Common Anxious Thoughts

In today’s posts, we are going to be talking about Common Anxious Thoughts that come from various anxiety problems.

These are some examples, but there are so many others out there.

When a person is suffering from Panic disorders and agoraphobia they might think something along the lines of:

“I won’t be able to cope if I have a panic attack in the theater.”

“I’m guaranteed to panic if I go for a drive.”

“My panic attack may never end.”

“I will lose control or go crazy during a panic attack.”

“If my heart races too quickly, I will drop dead of a heart attack.”

“I will faint during a panic attack.”

“Panic and anxiety are signs of weakness”:

“People will think I am weak or strange if they know about my anxiety.”


When suffering from social anxiety and shyness, you might think something like:

“It would be terrible to make a mistake in front of other people.”

“It is important for everybody to like me.”

“I will make a fool of myself during the presentation.”

“People are very critical and judgmental.”

“I am incompetent.”


Some Obsessive-compulsive concerns may be:

“Touching contaminated objects will make me sick.”

“If I think about hurting my child, that means I am likely to do it.”

“I can’t throw anything away in case I need it later.”

“If I have a violent thought, that thinks I am a bad person.”

“When things are out of order, I am so overwhelmed with fear and anxiety that I will not be able to function.”

“If I make even a small mistake, terrible things will happen.”


Some thoughts that may arise from traumatic events are:

“If I don’t take steps to protect myself, I will experience another trauma.”

“I should have been able to prevent my trauma from happening in the first place.”

“The world is a dangerous place.”

“If I allow myself to think about the trauma, I may lose control or go completely crazy.”


Those people suffering from specific phobias may think:

“That dog will bite me.”

“The cat will scratch me.”

“That spider will crawl on me.”

“They will sense my fear and approach me.”

“The needle will be painful.”

“I will faint if I see blood”.

“My car will crash.”

“I won’t be able to escape from an enclosed space.”

“If I get dizzy in a high place, I will fall.”

“I will choke and ie if I eat meat.”

“I will do poorly on my exam and fail my course.”


Then, for those who suffer from generalized anxiety, the common thoughts could be:

“I will run out of money and won’t be able to care for myself.”

“My children will get into trouble if I don’t take steps to protect them.”

“If my family members show even mild physical symptoms, it could be a sign of serious illness.”

“I won’t be able to cope with the stress of work or school.”

“If I don’t get enough sleep, I won’t be able to function the next day.”

“Worrying may drive me crazy.”

“Worrying helps me prevent bad things from happening.”


Do you agree with this list?

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