Best Christmas Gifts and decorations

One of the most important parts of Christmas celebration is the decorations. The decorations are normally a tradition to perform right after Thanksgiving. But there are some people and families (like me) that we wait until December is here to put up the Christmas Tree and the different Decorations. 

Here I am going to amke a short list of the perfect Christmas decorations for the perfect Christmas Spirit. 

Another important part of Christmas is the gifts exchange. In the past, I already made a post explaining that it is not what we receive what matters, but what we give. 

Sometimes it is a better and greater experience the moment of buying the present, choosing the right gift for the right person, putting the christmas paper around it, a bow, a sticker, and seeing that special person’s smile, than actually receiving a gift. 

Here are a few ideas that would make a perfect gift this christmas. 

Post made possibe thanks to Montse M. 

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