7 Cups of Tea (Review)

What is it?

7 Cups of Tea is an online emotional support service. They can connect you with some Listeners, people that want to help, though they are not professionals, and it is for free. Those connections are held in a private chat room, and they are one-on-one conversations that won’t start unless you request it.

Active Listeners receive training. Anyone can apply as a Listener (it is a volunteer feature, not an obligation). They are people that care and would like to show compassionate understanding. They won’t be able to tell you what to do, or to choose for you, if that is what you are looking for, but to listen and try to address your emotions in the best and most positive way.

You can also talk to a real professional therapist. That feature is not for free. You will have to pay a monthly subscription, that even though it is a bit high, it is still cheaper than going to an actual therapist (unless your insurance covers it).

How does it work?

Just download the Android App or iOS App and register for free. You can also go to the following website and register there (for free as well): 7 Cups of Tea.

You can also choose your own wellness path.

You can select from:

  • Mindfulness
  • Breakups: Moving Forward
  • Family Stress: Stress-Free Family
  • Depression: Overcoming Depression
  • Anxiety: Overcoming Worry
  • Finances: Financial Freedom
  • Sleeping Well
  • Chronic Pain: Pain Management
  • Exercise Motivation: Exercise Wise
  • ADHD Management
  • Alcohol/Drug Abuse: New Leaf
  • Bipolar: Steady and Strong
  • Bullying
  • Eating Disorders: Healthy Eating
  • Forgiveness: Letting it Go
  • Grief: Grieving and Growing
  • OCD: Response Prevention
  • Panic Attacks: Overcoming Panic
  • Perinatal Mood Disorder: Growing Mother
  • Self-Harm: Safer Solutions
  • Social Anxiety: Socially Confident
  • Parenting Plus
  • Getting Unstuck: Stepping Up
  • Loneliness: Connect
  • College Life: College Boost
  • Work Stress: Work Smart
  • Startup Support

And then, you can also find a Series of Paths:

  • Relationships
  • Mind Over Mood
  • Calm and Strong
  • Life Skills
  • Physical Health

I believe the first Path that you choose is for free, and then if you want to change the Path or start a new one, you have to pay for the subscription, so think wisely before starting your very own path.

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