30 Day DeClutter Challenge

This declutter challenge will get your home back in order without completely overwhelming you and feeling like a never-ending job!

Even though I despise clutter, it keeps finding a way back into my life over and over again. 

I suffer from severe OCD, but I also procrastinate a lot.  When I start cleaning, everything is in order and it smells fresh and clean, but since I am SUPER lazy, that order doesn’t last long. 

We have piles of furniture we should take out of the house, but never find the time to do it. Even though I clean the kitchen every day, it comes a moment when I feel like will suffocate in there due to all the smells and dishes. 

It’s time to get back on track. If I want to live in a place that feels calm and un-busy I need to fix it. 

You can find the 30 declutting challenge printable.

Let’s get started: 

  1. Empty out one junk drawer
  2. Purge your closet of the things you no longer wear
  3. Go through your movie collection
  4. Clean out your television stand
  5. Go through your mail pile
  6. Clean off your kitchen table
  7. Purge two kitchen cabinets
  8. Discard old books
  9. Clean out your wallet
  10. Clean out your purse
  11. Purge your makeup drawer/bag
  12. Clean out empty/almost empty containers in the shower
  13. Purge your bathroom cabinets
  14. Go through your families shoes (donate what doesn’t fit)
  15. Purge 2 more kitchen cabinets
  16. Organize your linen closet
  17. Purge your medicine cabinet
  18. Go through your freezer and dump old items
  19. Clear off your kitchen counters
  20. Empty another junk drawer
  21. Go through your fridge and dump old items
  22. Purge 2 more kitchen cabinets
  23. Get rid of unused accessories (jewelry, hats, etc.)
  24. Clean out your car
  25. Discard kids unused toys
  26. Organize toys that are left
  27. Go through board games and electronic games – donate unused
  28. Organize and discard cleaning supplies
  29. Purge 2 more kitchen cabinets
  30. Clean! Get your newly organized home all sparkly

Post made possible thanks to Montse M. 

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