10 Best Books About Mental Health

Depression & Other Magic Tricks

You may have seen the viral video by the author Sabrina Benaim titled ‘Explaining My Depression To My Mother,’ with over 50,000,000 views. In her book Depression & Other Magic Tricks, she documents her struggles with mental health, love and family. Some have described it as ‘Slow dancing with depression and heartbreak’ and truly enlightening.

Rewire Your Anxious Brain

If you deal with anxiety, panic or worry then you need to read this. In this book, psychologist Catherine Pittman explains how to tap into your nervous pathways and manage fear and you’ll learn how anxiety is created and how to overcome it in Rewire Your Anxious Brain.

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In this book the author describes her lifelong battle with depression and anxiety, but also the moments of being fiercely happy. The book centres around mental illness but how to embrace joy in a fantastic way.

The CBT Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Using CBT to Overcome Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Low Self-Esteem and Anger

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a hugely popular method in treating mental illness including depression, anxiety, eating disorders, stress, anger and many more. This book explores the issues in overcoming mental health and how to use CBT to change your mindset and actions.

Reasons to Stay Alive

This is an amazing story about a man who learned to live again after crisis and illness. This book explores how to live better and feel more alive and making the most of your life. It covers topics on dealing with depression and anxiety through to a brighter time of happiness. After reading this, it will leave a mark.

A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled

Ruby Wax explores how she’s lived through stress, leading to depression and how she got to a happier, healthier place. People have described this book as extremely helpful to anyone dealing with depression and provides brilliant mindfulness techniques.

Running For My Life: How I built a better me one step at a time

This is the story of Rachel Cullen who suffers from depression, is in the wrong career, has a failing relationship and is reliant on alcohol. She discovered something that would hurt her a lot, but would also lead to healing her too.

The Anxiety Solution: A Quieter Mind, a Calmer You

This book is about and for every anxious woman. It provides a programme that has helped 1000s overcome fear and stress. From social media pressure, fear of failure or perfectionism, you’ll learn how to regain control of your life from this book. You’ll be given easy practical methods for minimising anxiety and achieving a calmer, happier life.

Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression - and the Unexpected Solutions

Dealing with the idea that depression is a ‘chemical imbalance in the brain’, this book explores nine real causes of depression and anxiety and seven different solutions that work. This book is a journey that will change how we think of crises’ in todays’ culture.

Happy: Finding joy in every day and letting go of perfect

In this book, Fearne Cotton shares her experience and advice on finding joy each day and finding peace through simple exercises and ideas. It can help to beat the hurdles of anxiety and depression and show that they are manageable. This book has been described as ‘loving, caring, interesting and fun.’

What is the best book about mental Health that you have read?


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